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First Shot Surfaces of Ashton Kutcher as Apple’s Steve Jobs in New Movie

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The first shot of Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher as the late Apple leader Steve Jobs in movie form has surfaced online. But because of the undeniable likeness between the young actor and the young inventor the Gadget Helpline really can’t tell if he’s in character or just taking a stroll!

Looks aside, casting Demi’s ex in the role of the demi-god came as quite a surprise to most of us considering Kutcher’s back catalogue of comedies, generally playing dim-witted characters in films and TV shows such as Dude Where’s My Car and That 70’s Show. The movie “Jobs: Get Inspired” will be an independent feature and directed by Joshua Michael Stern it will tell the story of the Apple co-founders early life as a high school dropout to the CEO of one of the most renowned brands in the world.

Mainstream Hollywood will also be producing its own offering but there’s yet to be any news on who will play Steve Job in this version. Appearance-wise the blockbuster has lost its top lead but we’re sure plenty of other more serious contenders could do more justice to the role. For sake of naming someone we’ll mention Star Trek and Heroes actor Zachary Quinto – squint a little and we think you’ll find it kind of works!

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