Siri voice command for Apple iPhone 4S can now control bank accounts – new potential for hacking

New voice command software Siri has been tweaked to function with bank accounts – opening up the latest cool gimmick for iPhone to a potential new threat from hacking.

The iPhone 4S became publically available last Friday and Siri, like a little pocket Jeeves, has literally become to talk of the office. The modifications and hacks have been mounting up since the chatty software dropped and the latest allows Siri to check and control your bank account remotely through SMS messaging.

The method was figured out in the States first of all, where it was found that the accounts of several of the country’s banks could be accessed via the voice service and text messaging bypassing the annoying fact that Siri can’t open third party apps. It was later discovered that the same could be achieved through Lloyds TSB in the United Kingdom by connecting to the iPhone 4S to the high street bank’s text alert service and telling Siri to reply or send a text to 62229 with the code ‘BAL’ and the last four digits of the account number to access balance information.

If you do plan to use this method to access you bank account we’d advise not doing it in a crowded room, as you will need to speak some account details clearly to the Siri voice servant.

Impressive stuff, no doubt. But when used with caution.  

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