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Sky Go App to Launch on Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note Soon

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The rather excellent Sky Go app for on-demand telly junkies is soon to become available on the excellent Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus smartphones.

News has arrived from one of TechRadar’s top-secret sources, who confirmed that Sky has plans to expand the Android smartphones on which its app will work. Currently going through a rigorous testing procedure with the app are the phone-come-tablet Galaxy Note and the Android 4.0 launch device, the Galaxy Nexus.

These two phones should get the go-ahead from Sky within the next few weeks, which should be made common knowledge via an update to the app’s description in the Play Store.

We’re also hearing that phones running the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software will soon be able to download and use the Sky Go app, although not all of them. Sky is unable to make its Sky Go app available on all phones, as those with the ability to output a picture to a TV via HDMI would make the app a breach of Sky’s broadcasting contract. With Sky Go and a HDMI-out equipped smartphone, you could effectively use your phone as a Sky Box for your telly and even record stuff onto hard drives and DVDs – and that’s naughty.

“Sky has begun testing the app for the Galaxy Nexus and are hopeful it will be out for the Nexus and ICS enabled handsets (Including Galaxy Note) in the next couple of weeks,” blurted TechRadar’s source.

The Galaxy Note is still waiting for its turn to update to Android 4.0, although Samsung did inform us that it would happen during the second quarter (April-June), which we’re now in. It’s unclear whether Sky will wait for the update to land before launching its app for the giant smartphone.

Sky launched Sky Go for select HTC and Samsung smartphones earlier this year, including the Sensation XE, Desire HD and Galaxy S2. The app was originally launched for Apple devices and proved extremely successful, which of course left Android users feeling very jealous. With a little luck Sky will bring the popular app to even more Android phones in the near future.

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Source: TechRadar