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Sky Invest in Pluto.TV – Does This Mean New Things For Sky Go?

US online video service Pluto.TV have recently had a significant investment from the well-known company Sky. The investment cost Sky half a million dollars and all for Pluto.TV’s expertise in streamed content and further information on multi-platform TV viewing.

You’d be forgiven for not having heard of Pluto.TV if you’re from the UK as it is a US-only based streaming service, offering over 100 channels of web based content across a varying range of devices and operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire tablets and Fire TV.

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Pluto.TV has a little more to offer than Sky Go does at the moment. It allows users to stream video content from online providers. This can range from music videos, kids channel, sports and entertainment; while Sky Go is limited to their own current channel line-up. No doubt the investment will broaden horizons for Sky.

Emma Lloyd director of corporate business development for Sky says: “This partnership enables Sky to draw on the ground-breaking work Pluto.TV is doing to help viewers discover and enjoy the best of online TV through an intuitive and editorially rich TV platform, as we learn about new trends in the way people watch TV, we look forward to sharing our own expertise in content creation, packaging and promotion.”

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There is no definitive proof as to what the plans are between Sky and Pluto.TV. It could be to improve Sky’s already existing streaming services, or even to introduce Pluto.TV to us here in the UK. Either way it shows Sky are on the lookout to progress and be the best in their field.


Source: Pocket-Lint