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UPDATE: Next Skyrim DLC To Be Called “Dawnguard” – Includes Snow Elves & New Weapons?

The Elder Scrolls V – more commonly known as Skyrim – just got an update providing Xbox 360 gamers with a hands-free spell casting and voice command system using the Kinect accessory in one of many new downloadable updates expected for the popular fantasy adventure game. Another DLC is expected in coming weeks and eagle-eyed players have spotted a few points of interest in a recent software patch relating to what – or who – could be on the way.

Skyrim gamers have noted that the patch files for update 1.5.26 contains the words “Snow Elf Prince” and “Crossbow”. For die-hard followers of the Elder Scroll lore, you will know the Snow Elves were a race banished from the fictional realm of Skyrim by the Nords. They fought back only to be defeated and enslaved with their leader, the Snow Elf Prince slain.  These words appearing in the coding would suggest that the next update will bring with it expansion on the Snow Elves mythology and also the possible use of their weapons in the gameplay.

The DLC is expected to be announced in full for Xbox 360 and PS3 by Skyrim developer Bethesda very soon, with the update arriving a short time later. After promising exciting expansions on the already epic scale fantasy game, we’ve been treated to many in just a short time, since Skyrim launched in November – and it seems there’s still plenty more to come!

Bethesda has posted an teaser image on its official blog, declaring the next DLC to be called “Dawnguard”. 

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