Smart TV App Removed? Why & How To Fix This Issue

Smart TV app removed or at least missing? Maybe the TV is missing more than one app?

Do not panic, there are ways around this issue. Some of them wont even cost you anything, except maybe a little bit of time.

Before we continue, one thing needs to be made clear. There are no brands of TV that are not susceptible to this issue. Even if you do not have a normal ‘TV’ as such and it is a large LCD screen with Android OS on it or some such thing. You will still find some apps will only be compatible with it for so long. Technology develops, all of the time. Sometimes the leaps are small, sometimes large. Small could be considered an operating system upgrade to a newer version for example. Large could be new tech built in to newer devices. 

The thing is, as every upgrade happens on the same device it gets closer to its limit. Once over this limit, either it will not work, or, a newer device is required in keeping with current tech.

There is also the other reason of course; contractual obligations. Sometimes an app developer may have an agreement with a manufacturer to supply and update the devices app for x amount of time on said device.

So, your smart TV app removed itself for some reason and you need to know what to try to fix it.

Factory Reset

Regardless of manufacturer, no TV models made over the last few years do not have the factory reset option hidden somewhere in the menus.

This option can be called different things depending on brand.  We have listed a few below for you to look for:

  • Factory Reset
  • Factory Defaults
  • First Time Installation
  • Shipping Condition

It is well worth considering that you will need to sign in to apps again and your WiFi if that is what your TV uses. In light of this make sure you have your passwords ready as everything will be wiped.

From this point you will need to go through the TV setup process as if it was new.

Once completed if you are still having the same issues then it is probably time to speak to the manufacturer. They may have a software update for the issue.

Again, worth noting this does not mean the TV is broken, just that an app no longer works.

Other Options

If the above no longer applies and you are still missing one app or more then it may time to consider a small expense to remedy the situation. There is no need to buy a new TV for an apps removal. If you have a console such as a PC, Playstation or Xbox then chances are you can just load the app up that’s missing on that instead.

Your other option is a streaming stick that connects directly to the TV’s HDMI port.




These devices are not very expensive compared to a new TV. They also give you the option to cast to the screen with your other devices. This means if you have Youtube or another app with the ability to cast on your phone or tablet you can just send it to the TV screen for viewing.

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