SmarTouch Gloves Provide Warmth & Responsive Touch For Smartphones In The Cold

Totes Isotoner is typically the manufacturer of those toasty feet warming socks with a grippy sole that are often found stuff in our stockings at Christmas time. But their seasonal wares extent further than just keeping our toes attached during the seasonal chill, they also have a finger on the pulse when it comes to our tech needs.

Check out these SmarTouch gloves which address the ever-challenging dilemma of answering a smartphone in sub-zero climes. Juggling the task of answering that phone and taking your cosy gloves off is never easy, so Isotoner has come up with a pair that you can actually use while accessing an important call, making a text, or playing Angry Birds at the bus stop on a cold winter’s day.

The SmarTouch gloves feature the same snug and super-soft materials as the regular pairs available from Isotoner, but these are a little bit special and both hands include a special conductive material in the thumb and forefinger – the digits most used for tackling smartphone tasks such as tapping, scrolling and pinch-to-zoom on a range of Android mobiles and even our iPhones and tablets. The material features a skin-like responsiveness allowing you full control of your gadget via the touchscreen as if it were your actual fingers!

You can get yourself a pair of these mobile-ised mitts for just £14.99 in a range of colours and in styles suitable for both men and women from FireBox.

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