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Songbird media player for Android exits beta

I’m sure there will be a fair few gadget lovers out there who are fans of the desktop version of Songbird, which has similarities to iTunes in that it will easily allow you to sync your music library to your portable music device, or smartphone.

In addition to having the desktop version of Songbird, there is also an Android version of the popular program, which for the past few months has been in beta. Only two weeks after releasing the third beta of the Android app, Songbird developers have decided that they are ready to launch a stable version of the media player for all their users to enjoy.

Songbird 1.0 is available to download now directly from the Android Market, and has some pretty neat features (should you want to give them a go), these include:

  • Matching widget with album art
  • Flickr photo-stream and Facebook ‘Like’ on the go!
  • Playlist creation and editing
  • Set track as your ringtone
  • Scrobbling to support

Since the last beta, users should find that the app is a bit more responsive than before, and in addition a few touch-ups have been made to both the app and its widgets which should hopefully improve the overall user experience.

So if you fancy giving Songbird a trial run, head on over to the Android Market, or alternatively scan the QR code below.

Also, don’t forget to let us know that you think of this open source media player – perhaps you use something else for playing your media? If so, tweet us @Gadget_Helpline.