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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Will Play Continuously Across Xbox 360 and Windows Phone

Sonic 4 comes to its conclusion on May 16th with the second instalment racing onto consoles, PC and a selection of our popular gadgets. And for those of us, who like Sonic, lead a speedy and on-the-go life, SEGA and Microsoft have made it even easier to keep up with all the fast-paced action by hooking up your Windows Phone with Xbox LIVE for continuous play.

When the Episode 2 of the fourth adventure in the classic Sonic the Hedgehog saga launches on the Xbox 360 console it’ll allow gamers who also own the title on their Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Titan – or other Windows Phone 7 gadget of choice – to never miss a second of play time. Start running Sonic around the Zones from the comfort of at home on the Xbox 360 with the LIVE network, then when it comes time to leave, simply save the game in progress, pick up the Windows mobile accessing the Xbox LIVE app and carry on exactly where you left off- Never missing a step!

Following up from SEGA Mega Drive classic Sonic 3 and its spin-off Sonic & Knuckles, this game is a true side-scrolling successor to the original three, and Episode 1 was launched last year in celebration of the blue mascot’s 20th Anniversary

Sonic 4 Episode 2 launched on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows PC as well as Windows Phone, Android, Apple iOS smartphones and tablets and reintroduces themes and characters last seen in Sonic CD and features the return of Metal Sonic as a main foe!

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