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Sony to lower 3G PlayStation Vita price and discontinue?

Sony has been having a hard time recently with its portable PS Vita console, with the sales of the gaming device dwindling so much that it’s looking like the company will be dropping the 3G version of the console.

This speculation comes after the 3G versions of the PlayStation Vita have seen massive price cuts in Japan and the US and a further hint that the UK will get a price cut too, which all indicates that Sony may be dropping the 3G models in favour for the Wi-Fi only Vita.

The price drop in the US sees a whopping $100 cut off the price of the 3G, which sees the console now on sale for $200. For this users will get the an 8GB memory card and a free downloadable game and the newly discounted price is available across all US stockists.

Gaming website Joystiq reports that some store representatives have advised that the price drop on the Vita is happening because Sony is preparing to discontinue the model and switch solely over to the Wi-Fi only model of console, thus cutting its production costs.

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It’s all a bit unclear as to why Sony would price their 3G versions of the Vita console at the same as the lower spec’d Wi-Fi only versions, hence all the speculation, but with the PS Vita just passing its first birthday and it never really “taking off” it’s not hard to see why Sony might be looking to streamline the console’s sales and production.

Sony will be turning all of its efforts onto the forthcoming PlayStation 4 console which is due out before the end of 2013, but we hope that with the new home console there will still be a host of PS Vita compatibility that comes with it.