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Sony Announces New PSP E-1000 – Portable Playstation for £99.99

The huge Gamescom gaming event has kicked off today in Cologne, and Sony are straight in with a brand new product – well, sort of.

Sony has launched the PSP E-1000, a new version of the much loved PSP console but with the price-conscious gamer in mind. The PSP E-1000 is missing a few features when compared to the current PSP 3000, though keeps its price under €100.

The main feature missing from the new budget model is Wi-Fi, so you won’t have access to online gaming features or direct access to the Playstation Store to download games.

Sony says this shouldn’t be a problem however, offering the full range of PSP titles on UMD to play, as well as some access to the Playstation Store if you connect up using Media Go on your PC.

What the E-1000 lacks in Wi-Fi it makes up in style and appearance, with a new matte charcoal grey finish – just like the new slim PS3 models. The new PSP is also a fair bit slimmer than previous PSP consoles, so it’s a lot more portable.

Sony plans to make up for the lack of Wi-Fi by launching a range of cut-price “PSP Essentials” games, which will retail for €9.99. Invizimals: The Lost Tribe, EyePet Adventures and FIFA 12 have already been named as essential games, with Sony promising many more to come.

The PSP E-1000 doesn’t have an official launch date yet, but has a RRP of €99.99.

Will you go for a budget PSP rather than the all-singing-all-dancing PSP Vita?