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Sony announces recall of up to 1.6 million Bravia Televisions

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Home entertainment giant Sony has announced that it may be recalling up to 1.6 million Bravia High Defintion Televisions due to a manufacturing fault that causes internal burning and components melting.

A company official for Sony released a statement today to address the issue, which has so far been reported to have occurred 11 times so far in Japan.

Despite all reports of the problem coming from Japan so far, Sony says the fault lies with a large batch of Bravia TVs that have been sold in Europe and America since 2008.

Sony has also confirmed that nothing other than their TV sets have been damaged and nobody has been injured due to the fault.

The company has announced that it will offer free checks for customers concerned by the problem. All you’ll need to do is contact Sony support and request and an engineer to come to your home and carry out a check.

Sony says that only 8 models of Bravia TV could be affected by this problem, and they are:

  • KDL-40D3400
  • KDL-40D3500
  • KDL-40D3550
  • KDL-40D3660
  • KDL-40V3000
  • KDL-40W3000
  • KDL-40X3000
  • KDL-40X3500

You can check the model number of your TV by looking on the right hand side or on the back for a white label. This will show your model number; if you’ve got one of the models listed above then we suggest you give Sony a call, just in case.

All televisions that could be affected were manufactured during 2007 and 2008, and were primarily sold in Europe and America, though some sets were sold in Japan and across the world.

The fault seems to relate to an overheating issue which has caused certain electronic components inside Bravia sets to melt, and in some serious cases there has been smoke coming out of televisions and a strong burning smell.

With the televisions being made several years ago, we would imagine that most of them are by now outside of the standard 1 year warranty period. Sony will be issuing a warning on its website and emailing customers who have registered their Bravia TV with the company. If your product is outside of the warranty period but has suffered from this problem, make sure you get in touch ASAP – Sony should be honouring the warranty and giving customers a resolution.

It’s not been a good start to the week for Sony, who earlier today reported that over 90,000 Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment accounts had been accessed illegally.

Have you had a Sony Bravia TV catch on fire, start smoking or smell of burning? Let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.

Via: Reuters