Sony Announces the Vaio T as its First Ultrabook

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Sony has officially entered the ultra-slim era, launching the new Vaio T as its first Ultrabook.

The Vaio T fits in perfectly with Intel’s new Ultrabook standard, offering a balance of thin and light, power and long battery life in a stylish package. The likes of Lenovo, Dell and Acer have already launched Ultrabooks which have been on the market for a while now, so will Sony’s first attempt bother the current crop?

Inside the Vaio T is a nippy Intel Core i3 processor and a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) which means you’ll be into the Windows 7 operating system within seconds of pressing the power button. The SSD drive is 32GB and limited to the operating system and programs, with a 320GB regular hard drive accompanying it to store your files on.

Usually speed comes at a price with laptops, but because this is an Ultrabook you’ll find that the battery will last you much longer – 9 hours in fact, from a full charge. Coupled with its thin and light form factor, the Vaio T should be perfect for the travelling business type who requires a laptop that gets them through the day.

The chassis of the Vaio T is stylish, made from magnesium and aluminium for lightweight properties. The lid has a brushed metal effect which we very much like the look of.

On the side you’ll find an array of ports including HDMI out and VGA out for connecting to your TV or a monitor, an Ethernet port, USB ports, a headphone jack and a SD/MMC card slot.

“Blending durability and performance, and loaded with the latest technologies from Sony and Intel, it’s the first Ultrabook to proudly carry the Vaio name” boasts Sony.

The Sony Vaio T will be available in the UK from June, although a price has not yet been announced.

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