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Sony announcing PS Vita Slim to US on 30th January

Sony has sent out a host of invites to media friends today inviting them to “Play on…” and welcoming them to a breakfast briefing for a new Sony product.  Its not really a big secret that the device that Sony will be briefing about will be the Sony PS Vita Slim.

The tag line on the invite states “following on form the biggest launch in PlayStation history, join us for an introduction to the slimmest” which heavily winks at the release in the US (and probably worldwide) of the PS Vita Slim.

The PlayStation Vita Slim is already available in Sony’s native Japan, so the device is already available to scrutinise, but the launch on Thursday the 30th of January (9am – 11am) will be Sony launching the device into other markets.

Sony announced the new lighter and thinner PS Vita Slim back in September of 2013 and released it in Japan on October the 10th. Sony has trimmed 20% width off the console to make it just 15mm thick, and weighing in at 219g, the new model is also 15% lighter than its predecessor.

The console also fixes a few of the gripes original PS Vita owners has with the handheld console such as the internal memory allowance (now upped to 1GB), the Battery life has also been improved but these size and lightness are played off against the fact that Sony has replaced the OLED display for an LED one.

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However we could be completely wrong in our assumptions and Sony could be planning another Slim console or product, but we doubt it as the PS4 is far to new to be changing the hardware and the PS3 already has a Slim version on the market.

 Sony also introduced a range of new colours with the new Vita Slim. As well as black and white there’s going to be yellow, pink, grey, lime green and light blue versions available.

We will know for sure from next Thursday.

Image and Source: IGN