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Sony Hackers Preparing Another Leak


The hackers behind the Sony pictures security breach are apparently giving the little people a chance to escape the terror of having their data released online, with the latest statement from the bizarrely named ‘Guardians of Peace’ group saying that anyone who works in Sony who wants to be spared to get in contact online so their details can be deleted.

In a clear publicity stunt, the hackers have attempted to minimise the damage to those Sony employees who are just trying to get on with their lives following the tens of thousands of documents being stolen from Sony Pictures computers.

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Harassment has already been reported amongst some members of the company, although the usual accusations of capitalistic corporate corruption have been mostly leveled at actors and higher ups on society’s ladder.

Sony employees who are not to blame have been invited to send in their name and job title in to the hackers, although frustratingly it’s not made entirely clear how one is supposed to get one’s name and job title over to the hackers. You’re on your own there.

The hackers got into official Twitter accounts to broadcast their chilling messages as well as e-mail inboxes and company documents.

The latest Pastebin missive from the hackers details yet another data dump from staff emails, as well as more calls for Sony to give in to mostly undisclosed demands or face eventual bankruptcy according to the hackers.

Alleged links to North Korea and retaliation over controversial movie ‘The Interview’ which depicts North Korean Despot Kim Jong Un have been made, although the rogue nation has denied responsibility.

The next data dump from the hackers promises more mayhem for Sony, who are cracking down on distribution of files as well as holding media outlets spreading the information directly responsible for further dissemination of information.

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It’s been another high profile embarrassment for Sony, and by far the biggest in the company’s history of being hacked. However, a lot of evidence points to an inside job from within the company being responsible for the placement of the malware which allowed hackers access.

The issue rages on, with more data being promised for release as a ‘Christmas gift’ by the hackers.

Via: Engadget

Source: Pastebin