Sony launches ultra-slim 10.1-inch Full HD Xperia Tablet Z with Jelly Bean

Sony has revealed the brand new Xperia Tablet Z officially, heralding what could be the slimmest tablet computer ever.

We knew that the Xperia Tablet Z was coming thanks to a tip-off last week, and now Sony is ready to launch it worldwide. At just 6.9mm thick, the new tablet is slimmer than both the new iPad and the iPad Mini, which itself was previously the world’s thinnest tablet at 7.2mm thick.

The Xperia Tablet Z has a plethora of top-end features that are bound to impress, starting with a 10.1-inch Full HD display that boasts an impressive 1920 x 1200 resolution – sharp enough to enjoy Blu-ray quality movies as they should be. Inside there’s a powerful 1.5GHz quad-core processor from Qualcomm.

While many still firmly believe that taking pictures with a full-size tablet is a fool’s game, Sony is keen to make sure its new tablet is one of the best for snaps. The 8-megapixel rear camera contains the first backside illuminated sensor that Sony has ever put in a tablet, which should make it an impressive low light shooter. It’s also got Full HD video recording capabilities, and the standard front-facing camera for video calls.

Despite being so slim, the new Xperia tablet isn’t a fragile affair – both waterproofing and dustproofing have been imprinted in the design to ensure sturdiness. There’s also said to be impressive sound quality somehow squeezed into such a slim frame, which Sony calls “S-Force Front Surround 3D”.

Sony will launch the Xperia Tablet Z in both black and white in Japan this spring, with both NFC and 4G LTE support. Unfortunately there’s no word on a worldwide launch at the moment, but we’re hoping to hear more at next month’s MWC event.