Sony Mobile Sticking with Dual-Core – Cortex A15 for Xperia Range Will “Outperform Quad-core”

After an impressive outing at the Mobile World Congress, newly singular entity Sony Mobile Communications has spoken about its future intentions regarding quad-core processing for its smartphone devices – or lack thereof, for the time being.

Recently parted with Ericsson, Sony announced a new range of smartphone and wowed us with its first solo release at the MWC, the Xperia S – a high end 1.5GHz dual-core beast of a processor supplied by Qualcomm, a whopping 1GB of RAM and 32GB storage, 12-megapixel with a video output at 1020p HD. An impressive piece of tech and a worthy flagship to the Sony Xperia brand.

However, Sony’s effort was outgunned by a number of rivals including the ZTE Era, HTC One X and LG Optimus 4X, to name but a few – all of which harnessing the processing powers provided by a cutting edge quad-core CPU.

Sony has addressed the busying quad-core market and making the best of its current limitations and talking of adequate alternatives to the coming four horse power trend.

A statement to CNET from the company’s Product Marketing Manager Stephen Sneeden reads “We’re going to join quad-core when we feel that the performance matches the battery efficiency” adding later “What we are going to be doing in the second-half of the year is moving to the Cortex A15 architecture, which we feel outperforms the current quad-core architecture”

Are quad-core chips, such as NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 going to be an essential part of the mobile landscape in 2012 – or can Sony keep up to speed with its double-barrelled assault?

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