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Sony Music Ireland website hacked, amusing headlines added

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It seems that Sony can’t quite put the hacking saga behind them, as yet another of their Sony Music Europe sites has been hit, this time Sony Music Ireland and in more of an amusing than destructive manner.

This morning the Sony Music Ireland webpage was displaying three rather questionable stories under the ‘latest news’ section. They were:

  • “Rebecca Black marries R. Kelly and Signs for Sony’s Security team”
  • “Scientists prove that X Factor is for the stupid”
  • “Tragedy strikes The Script!” – A story that reported 2 members of pop band The Script dead.

The website has since been taken offline and now redirects to the Sony Music Ireland’s Facebook page. Sony are yet to make an official statement, though they have confirmed that the news stories were fake, just in case anybody did believe Rebecca Black had married R.Kelly..

Sony will probably be grateful that whoever caused the intrusion and fake news stories didn’t do any further damage or post more alarming news, especially after the Fox News Twitter account was hacked yesterday and used to promote the message that President Barack Obama had been shot.

This is the latest in a long line of cyber attacks against Sony, the largest of course being the infamous Sony Playstation Network hacks. Other intrusions include hacks to the Sony Ericsson website, Sony Music Japan and Greece sites and to the Sony Pictures website.

A screenshot grabbed of the site before it was taken down is below. Let us know which your favourite headline is by tweeting us @Gadget_Helpline!

Via: TNW