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Sony PlayStation Vita 1.65 Update Removed and New 1.66 Update Released

Not So-ny Fast…

Sony has released yet another software update for its latest handheld console, the Playstation Vita. Version 1.66 has been released within hours of posting the previous update live, which the company quickly pulled – the Vita 1.65 Update – from the website.

The official Statement forms the Playstation website states:

“PS Vita system software update 1.65 has been taken down temporarily due to a technical fault. For any customers who may have already downloaded the firmware, they can continue as normal. We will notify you once the latest system software update is available to download again.”

The latest 1.66 version seems to be a lot more sturdy and will come with a host of minor updates including a change to the User Interface (UI) with the addition of a progress bar during app installs, notification alerts now only popping up for three seconds, plus the option to tap Retry / Cancel when running into troubles during location search.

There are also some “functional improvements” on games such as Unit 13 and Gravity Daze  and the Near app will also be getting a PS Store link so that you can pull down apps to your device easier.

You can update your PS Vita System Software using Wi-Fi, PC or a PlayStation system; please refer to this guide if you need help performing the update.

System Software Update 1.65+1.66 features include:

  • The [System Music] setting in Settings > [Sound & Display] now affects BGM in PS Store, near and Sign-Up screens as well as the Home menu.
  • When searching for location data, users now have the option to ‘Retry’ and ‘Cancel’ when a failure occurs.
  • A progress bar is introduced for application installation.
  • A direct link to PlayStation Store is made available for new applications that users may discover on near.
  • Users can now update data at any time within near, provided they are within the same location.
  • The display time of notification alerts has been reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Functional improvements have been made in the following games and applications: Unit 13, Gravity Daze, near.

The new update is available now on the Playstation Store and you can download it via you Wi-Fi at Settings > [Start] > [System Update] > [Update Using Wi-Fi] or by connecting the devices to your PC.

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