Sony PSN down 7 hours Monday the 13th October for “routine maintenance”

Sony’s PlayStation Network will be done again on Monday the 13th of October for a scheduled 7 hours whilst the company performs “routine maintenance”. In the US this will be between from 10am PT to 5pm PT, which means for us in the UK it will be between 6PM and 4AM where gamers might lose access to PSN and its services.

Anyone with a PS3, PS4, or Vita will not be able to access onto any PSN services during that time, and as long as Gamers have logged into the PlayStation Network within the few days before the network goes down, users will not have any disruption to their online gaming.

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As per usual with updates to the PSN, gamers who have signed in within the last 48 hours will still be able to access the online functionality of PSN, including partner apps such as well as the ability to play online games. If you don’t sign in before maintenance starts however, you’re stuck with offline gameplay and apps until the maintenance is over.

However, the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management sections will not be available during this time, and users may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access these services.

If gamers haven’t logged in since before then, they will need to wait till the outage is finished, before they can play online.

Sony announced the Outage on its Ask PlayStation Twitter account, so if there are any issues with the outage (they often go over the Allocated timescales) then keep your eyes peeled on the @AskPlayStation account.