Sony PSP Go discontinued in the UK ahead of Sony NGP launch?

The PSP Go came to life with so much potential. It had dropped those unsightly UMD discs in favour of flash memory and had shaved off a few pounds by slipping into a new sliding form factor. Unfortunately, it just didn’t resonate with customers. This is the main reason why the device has just had its death revealed by a UK retailer.

The ill-fated device has apparently been killed off by Sony following years of bad sales and ahead of the company’s next portable machine, the Sony NGP, which will launch later this year.

A UK retailer has told gaming mag MCV that “once current PSP Go stock is sold we will not be receiving replenishment.” This surely signposts the end of the console’s availability, following rumours earlier this month that the same is true in Japan. Curiously, Sony’s official response contradicts the retailer’s. In a statement to CVG, the company said:

“It is a very exciting time for PlayStation portable devices. Before the end of the year we are launching NGP, our next generation portable device, which we believe will revolutionise portable gaming. In the meantime, the current generation of PSPs continue to be in demand, especially since the introduction of our value for money, Essentials range of games and we will continue to meet that demand.”

We’re not sure who to believe, but it makes a lot of sense for Sony to cease production of a model that will become obsolete in a few months, especially when sales have been underwhelming for the device as is. If you are in the market for one, PSP Go prices may be about to hit an all-time low…

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