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Sony resetting some PSN account passwords for “irregular activity”

If you are currently residing in North America and are experiencing issues with logging into your Sony PSN account, then this may be because your password has changed.

Don’t worry, you’re not losing your memory. Sony has announced that as a precautionary measure it has reset thousands of US PlayStation Network account passwords – you know, just in case.

The reset has been put in place due to “irregular activity” on some accounts, thus making Sony sit up and change the account passwords before any potential security issues arise.

Sony announced the update on their Twitter by stating:

“Some PSN account passwords were reset today for routine protection. To update your password:

And on the US Community forum it says:

“If you are getting an error that your PSN account password is incorrect, you may need to reset it. We routinely monitor for irregular activity, and if such activity is detected, we may sometimes reset passwords of affected SEN accounts to protect consumers and their account information.”

Sony has also posted a guide for how to reset you PSN password back to something of your choice here.

Last week in Europe Sony had to reset some PSN passwords in a similar fashion, so the company must be fighting off some form of cyber-attack on PSN. With Sony’s next-gen PS4 launching in the UK and Europe this Friday, this is probably not the ideal time for Sony to be having another security situation as it has in the past, so we hope this precautionary measure clears things up in time!