Sony Xperia PLAY Hosts MLG Tournament – Mobile Gaming Gets Legit!

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If anybody needed a reminder of how our pocket mobiles are quickly becoming a legitimate platform for gaming look no further than Sony Ericsson’s Xperia PLAY. The Android-running “Playstation Phone” has helped path the way for serious games developers to take a look at how immersive they can make their wares and has since sent the likes of HTC in search of Sony certification when it comes to gaming on its own handsets.

Further supporting the fact that the Xperia PLAY is setting the standard, it was today announced that Major League Gaming will be holding its first ever Mobile Gaming Arena tournament solely based on Sony’s platform as well as throwing up $10,000 as a top prize in the contest which will have players battling it out on first person shooter (and Call of Duty clone) Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

MLG has hosted gaming challenges across the U.S and Canada since 2002 and much has changed. The battleground has moved from console to portable and invitation has also been extended to Apple iPhone users which could promise massive cross-platform tournaments in the future.

Now may be the time for those who shunned mobile platforms to finally listen up and pay attention – a passing glance at Nintendo may be in order to nudge the company in the right direction and ensure that much needed turnaround in profits before 2013.

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