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Sony’s PS Vita Sales Falter After Decent Opening

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Sony’s newly released PS Vita managed to only sell 72,479 units in the week leading up to Christmas, according to unofficial figures from The Media Create Co.

If the numbers are accurate it would point to a massive drop off for Sony as the next generation handheld unofficially shifted 324,859 units on its opening week.

Sony has declined to comment on the figures from Media Create, but if they are true it would be a bad start for the Playstation Vita in its home territory.

According to some retailers and consumers the high price point and expensive games might just be too much for some hard-up gamers to stomach.

Nintendo had the same issue with the release of its 3DS and it only really sparked into life after a fairly drastic reduction in price.

Sony might well have to follow suit if it wants to see solid sales figure when the console finally see’s its release worldwide in February.

The console launches in the UK and United States on 22 February and will cost £229.99, while top titles like Uncharted will be a whopping £44.99.

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