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Sony’s PS4 hits 6 million console sales

Since launching in Japan late last month, PlayStation 4 sales have punched through the 6 million milestone less than 4 months after the very first consoles went on sale in the US back in November of last year.

Prior to its Japanese release, figures for the PS4 stood at 5.3 million sold to date. This new figure includes the 370,000 consoles sold there since the first day of availability from February 22nd. In total the PS4 is now available in 57 countries, whilst the Xbox One is only available in 13 countries at the moment, although more are to be added.

More impressively than console sales perhaps are the 13.7 million games sold so far, and Killzone: Shadow Fall is to thank for a large part of this with 2.1 million copies sold alone. This is likely to be thanks to the basic console bundle being sold all over the place including Killzone.

Sony’s console has also been pretty popular amongst online streamers, with 3.6 million gameplay broadcasts streamed via Twitch and Ustream to date. Sony originally said it had hoped to sell 5 million consoles by March 31st, so even they underestimated their console!

The PS4 is now officially the fastest selling console to date, leaps ahead of its competitor the Xbox One which has accounted for a meagre 3 million units since their last update – though we’re expecting a new figure to be announced very soon.

Microsoft initially shipped 3.9 million consoles so where Sony underestimated, Microsoft overestimated. However, with Titanfall soon to drop and a UK price reduction planned for the Xbox One, sales may soon shoot up. Microsoft shouldn’t sit back and rest on its laurels however, as the PS4’s second exclusive title Infamous: Second Son is out in two weeks’ time.