Sony’s PSN back online in Japan finally

Its seems this whole Hacking and Security issue that has been Sony’s bane for the past 3 months may finally be coming to a close (or is it!) as the final hurdle for Sony’s PSN is set to be restored as the Playstation Network will resume its online operations in Japan today.

After a month long hack and attack from a (still unknown) hacker group, Sony has managed to get most of its networks back up and running with the US market, even finishing its welcome back package last Sunday.

But due to Japan’s recent geological issues the home of Sony has suffered a slightly longer turnaround time.

Sony’s Japanese Playstation 3 customers will finally have full access to the PSN and Qriocity service including full functionality of the PlayStation Store, restoration of in-game commerce, the ability to redeem vouchers and codes and the video on demand and Media Go functionalities.

As with Western PSN restorations Japanese users will be offered a ‘welcome back‘ package which will include between 30 and 60 days free subscriptions and two free game titles from a selection plus a host of themes, videos, music and other add-on services.

There is still no official news on what happened to the estimated 77 million registered accounts worth of details (including user names, e-mail addresses, login IDs and passwords) that were stolen, but it may well be a bigger issue as many experts suspect that that millions of credit card numbers had also been leaked. Sony has stated that it was unable to find any evidence that the credit card database was accessed.

Hopefully this will be the end of Sony’s Woes and will also scare them enough to ramp up the security.

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