Sony’s Star Wars Galaxies: The Old Republic forces end of MMORPG

Sony Online Entertainment has confessed that it was forced to give up any new hope for its Massively Multi-Player Role-Playing game Star Wars Galaxies after the contract with LucasArts expires – because of the imminent launch of The Old Republic title from Bioware.

The online gaming Saga comes to its end this December after an 8-year Imperial-sized reign. Rebellious Role-players are finding it hard to part with their beloved and interactive Galaxy Far, Far Away. Some even threatening to take legal action on Sony who have revealed the reason for powering down play-time.

Sony Online Entertainment CEO John Smedley says “It was time to turn it off” adding “We have a contractual relationship that’s ending in 2012, The Old Republic launching, a bunch of other business things with LucasArts. Could we have renegotiated? Maybe, but I don’t think that would be the right thing for the company.”

It had been suggested that Star Wars Galaxies was an Empire in ruin due to declining interest in the game, which first launched online in 2003. It seems today that Sony may have shot first.

Looking to steer clear of licensing dilemmas in the future, Sony are setting targets away from such partnerships for the foreseeable future – “That’s the problem with licenses: they end. We’re going to continue to do some licensed work, but we’re largely going to stick to original IP (Intellectual Property) because then we won’t have this issue”

Until the next Epic-scale Star Wars MMO – The Old Republic – drops in 2012, gamers can enjoy the last few months of SWG free of charge, or try the awesome Galactic Warfare mod created by German developers who have brought the Star War Universe to life through Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare! – Check out the Gadget Helpline’s article HERE.

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