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This is the ‘Space Grey’ Apple iPad 5 in pictures

October 22nd should herald the arrival of a new iPad or two from Apple, notably the iPad 5 and perhaps a second generation iPad Mini 2. We’ve seen a couple pictures of the former, though unfortunately quality hasn’t been all that great.

Serial Apple leaker Sonny Dickson has now laid Apple’s new tablet bare on his site, revealing all aspects of the design thanks to a large number of high quality pictures. Further to the full reveal of the design, the images also show off a new colour for the iPad: Space Grey.

Apple is thought to be adding Space Grey to the iPad range of colours after launching the iPhone 5S in the new colour recently. Sat side by side with a silver iPad 5 shell it’s clear to see that the finish is much darker and we have to say, we much prefer it to the traditional colour Apple has always gone with for the iPad.

Of course, the redesign is clearly given away in the pictures, so if you’re an ardent fan who loves the surprise and excitement that tends to surround an Apple launch, we’d suggest scrolling back up and heading on to another post. The iPad 5 will be thinner and much more squared around the edges and corners, mimicking the design of the iPad Mini down to a tee. As rumoured, there’s also dual stereo speakers hidden beneath micro-drilled holes along the bottom edge, flanking the lightning connector which sits in the middle.

Tech specs for the iPad 5 remain pretty unclear, though it’s thought that the key change will be the design and this refresh won’t be a radical one. Apple is expected to stick to the 9.7-inch Retina display and make minor adjustments to the front and rear cameras whilst also upgrading the processor – we’re expecting to see the new A7 chip used.

For an extensive look at the Space Grey iPad 5, hit up the source link at the bottom of this page for every image.