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Spotify users get a ‘private listening’ mode, your Facebook account still required

Ever since Spotify announced its intentions to integrate its service with the popular social networking site, not everyone was too happy about the fact that playlists and songs they listen to would be automatically shared with friends on their Facebook profile.

However, after receiving disappointing feedback from users, Spotify have released a blog post stressing the point that whatever you share – you can control it.

In the blog post, Spotify cover the various settings that you have available in your profile and how to change them to ensure that you only share what you want to share.

Spotify say that the default setting for your public playlist is to share it with your friends (as its public it’s understandable), and also that your “Top artists” and “Top tracks” are also seen by your friends, however if you don’t want that to be the way, it’s possible to change these setting by clicking your name at the top of the People list, select “Edit” and then specify which playlists you do not want to share with your friends.

New Spotify 'Private listening' mode

Spotify have also listened to user feedback about not wanting to have every song they listen to published to their Facebook profile, and have now added a new ‘Private listening’ feature like you have on Internet browsers, which will mean that all your songs that come under your “guilty pleasures” playlist won’t be published to your Facebook account. Remember though, as soon as you logout of Spotify and log back in, you’ll have to remember to set the private listening feature to ‘On’ again.

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