Star Wars The Old Republic: One-Million Playing – Server Currently Down for “Maintenance”

The Force is most definately strong with MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic with one-million players already up and running in the fantasy fictional Galaxy Far, Far Away!

The Old Republic, by developer Bioware, was launched on December 15th in a London, Oxford Street celebration featuring Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and diminuative Ewok actor Warwick Davis and the game has been wowing loyalists over the past two weeks with its immersive and involving game play which is set in the expanded universe as based on the popular Star Wars movie franchise and taking over from the Galaxies multi-player online role-player which was recently canned by Sony and LucaArts after 8 years, much to the upset of thousands upon thousands of gamers.

Of those new gamers, joining The Old Republic there have been a recorded 810,000 joining the Jedi forces, but the Sith are up in number by an additional 40,000 and these gamers have already completed over nine-million missions! And you thought Skyrim was life-absorbing!

All this strain has evidently caused many gamers to become unable to connect to the Star Wars universe online, and the devs have had to pull The Old Republic online gaming for the moment for maintenance and the server is due back up within hours. It’s always a little concerning when the “maintenance” card is pulled. As we saw earlier this year from Sony’s Playstation Network, you can’t always be too sure..


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