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Coffee and iTunes up for grabs at Starbucks now

Fancy enjoying some cool tunes whilst having your morning coffee? Not only has Starbucks recently joined the free Wi-Fi club, but now the high street caffeine shack is offering free iTunes tracks in a Pick of the Week scheme, which will be available to UK customers every Monday.

Mirroring a scheme currently in operation in the United States, the Pick of the Week will include a free iTunes or iBook download card and customers can access iTunes via the in store Wi-Fi grabbing music from a range of popular artists including James Morrison and Coldplay.

The freebies became available yesterday in UK branches of Starbucks and will continue to roll out new songs and books weekly.

Starbucks reaffirms a partnership with Apple, aimed at the ‘cool’ kids who enjoy an overpriced beverage and flashing the latest high gadget from the world richest tech co.

Consumerism go!

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