Steve Jobs Biopic – David Fincher wants Christian Bale to play Apple entrepreneur

Fight Club director David Fincher has commented on who he’d like to play Steve Jobs, if he gets the job of telling the Apple leader’s story on the big screen and his top pick is none other than British Batman actor Christian Bale.

Fincher has directed such award winning pictures as Seven, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and the U.S remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He also brought The Social Network to cinemas, a film which charted the rise of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. So he’s no stranger to biopics or the subject of technology and its impact on society.

This also won’t be the first time Job’s career has been documented in a movie, but despite an uncanny likeness in appearances, Ashton Kutcher’s performance in the indie project Jobs as the Apple mastermind Steve, the inventor of popular gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad who passed away in 2011, did not go down well when it debuted at the film festivals and the film never reached a mainstream success.

The Hollywood offering should be more considerably more profitable and has attracted the name of veteran David Fincher to the rumour mill as a favourite to direct. With the director pretty much a dead-cert, the question remains of who will play the title role of Apple entrepreneur in this interpretation of his life story?

Names such as George Clooney have been suggested as candidates to fill the shoes of Steve Jobs but there’s no doubt that former Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale has the  versatility and ability to apply to any role thrown his way like a speeding batarang. Be it the heroic Dark Knight, a schizophrenic American Psycho or an emaciated Machinist. And after seeing a recently discovered fan-poster featuring Bale as Jobs we’ve got to say we’re sold.

Who do our Gadget Helpline readers think would be best for the Jobs?