Streamago Live Video Community: The Future Of Online Broadcasting?

There’s no doubt that YouTube revolutionised broadcasting. By giving the web space and audience to anyone with a camera and a little bit of creativity meant that soon YouTube was the place to be when looking for new talent, whether that be dance, comedy, or singing. But now that video broadcasting has been established where can it go next? Google are in the process of trying to polish YouTube up and make it a hub of video entertainment with films, TV and professionally produced video channels. Sure, that’s exciting, but ultimately, the beauty of YouTube is the way it gives power to the people and now the Tiscali Streamago service is taking this to the next level.

Even with the most spontaneously produced clips, with services like YouTube there’s a lot of editing and trimming and tweaking and the popularity of clips grow steadily overtime and until they become viral, either that or they flop.  But there’s a whole new and exciting way of broadcasting available, live broadcasting. Streamago allows filmmakers to interact with viewers in real-time. So whatever experiences you want to share (whether your filming your travelling, a gig or a news event) you can now share them as they happen.

By interacting with the Streamago community you can gain a reputation and build up a bit of hype about your live events. Viewers can then watch your live stream and leave their comments with live chat. It may take people a little bit of time to get used to be once they do live online streams could be the next big thing. Plus, videos are saved so those that missed the live find can view them later; the best of both worlds.

After brief rummage around the community I found the politics channel and watched a few live speeches by some foreign political groups and academics. I obviously had little idea of what they were discussing, but it was still an interesting insight into a side of life that I do not see. Potentially, budding journalists could flourish on the site, giving stories the coverage that big media companies are wary of. I’ll keep checking the politics community and see how it develops.

Check it Tiscali streaming tv channel by following the link here and see if you can find something that interests you.  You can also connect via Facebook

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