Street Fighter V World Record Challenge is Going Down at GAME Today!

UK retailer GAME is set to host a Guinness World Record challenge for most opponents defeated in a 12 hours stint on Street Fighter V.

The contest will be hosted at GAME in the Trafford Centre, Manchester today (Tuesday 16th February) with the official support of Capcom and will see European Street Fighter champion and self-proclaimed ‘World Warrior’ Ryan Hart take on as many contenders as possible between 10am and 10pm with a target of finishing off 250 fellow gamers within the allocated time period.

Tickets were sold beforehand for those who think they are worthy enough to take on the champ, but spectators can still pop along to the Trafford store and chance their luck at getting a look at the action during this Guinness World Record setting challenge, as well as grabbing their own copy of the anticipated Street Fighter V game which is released today for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Street Fighter V is the fourth pure successor to the original 1987 game and the first since Street Fighter IV was released in 2008. If we counted all the games in the thirty years of the fight franchise, including variants and ‘turbo’ editions, there would be over twenty. The format in SFV remains the same, with one player taking on a computer controlled opponent or two players going at it in a button bashing frenzy.

New characters are introduced to the global tournament this time around and many familiar fighters are set to make a comeback including favourites Ryu and Ken. Both who have had a major makeover, with a ponytailed Ken discarding his flowing locks and traditional gi, replacing his classic gear with a tight fitting tech top and one of Ryu’s alternate looks features him shirtless and ripped with an epic beard.

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Get down to the Trafford Centre to get a first glimpse of Street Fighter V and cheer on the challengers in the World Record attempt which starts right about now – FIGHT!