Super Mario for your iPad? Kind of.. Sleeves for gadgets are an Etsy hit!

So, in theory, if Nintendo did decide they wanted to place its bets on the mobile and tablet market in wake of the 3DS tragedy, they’d most likely want something pretty cool to stash away gaming gadgets when playtime ends. Etsy store Nokomomo delivers – in the form of these super-cool Super Mario themed iPad slip covers!


The 100% UN-official covers featuring familiar Nintendo classics from the Super Mario Bros. games include the Bros. themselves, Mario and Luigi, as well as nemesis Bowser and Goomba henchman. The sleeves are hand-made and sewn with double layer of wool and felt, so their stitched-up to last a while, despite being bootlegs – and their maker will kindly make one for your choice of gadget, extending the range to cover not just iPad, but also Apple iPod, Amazon Kindle and mobiles such as iPhone and Android handsets.

There’s no excuse for Nintendo not to go mobile and join the smartphone revolution after portable console difficulties got out of hand. And we’d love to see these gamer appealing covers become official. For now they can be picked up from Nokomomo’s page for $40.

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