Tests Show iPhone 4S to be 68% Faster Than iPhone 4

Pre-orders of the new iPhone 4S only began last Friday, with the device not due for release until this Friday, but it would seem that some lucky souls have already gotten their hands on the ‘magical’ phone.

What would any self-confessed geek and Apple fan do if they received a new iPhone 4S before anybody else? See just how much faster and better it is than the iPhone 4 and every other phone, of course!

A couple of fans who have received the 4S early have tested the speed and power of the smartphone using ‘benchmarking’ software. This software puts the phone through its paces and gives it an overall score, which can then be compared to other phones, and of course the iPhone 4.

Tests carried out show the iPhone 4S to have a Dual-Core A5 processor with a clock speed of 800MHz. Despite this being much lower than the figures we see often with Android phones, such as the Galaxy S II’s 1.2GHz processor, the 4S still outperforms the competition.

Apple’s claim of ‘7x more power graphics’ thanks to the A5 chip has been proven, too. GLBenchmark software has been used to play 720p HD content and check the overall FPS (frames per second) that the phone can handle. Bear in mind that a higher number is better, and check the results below.

Impressive! Geekbench, which is benchmarking software designed specifically to test Apple devices, has also been used to compare the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 4, the iPad 2 and the iPhone 3GS.

In the graph above we can see the results of the test, which show the processing power of each device. We can see that the iPhone 4S achieves a score that is almost double that of the original 4S, though is still behind the iPad 2 which contains the same A5 chip. However, Apple has increased the speed of the chip for the iPad 2 to 1GHz, whereas the 4S is running at 800MHz.

Results are looking impressive for the iPhone 4S, which makes us excited to get our hands on one this Friday.

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Via: AppleInsider