Three UK’s 3G mobile network is down for everyone

We awoke this morning to find that we had mobile signal but no mobile internet on the Three network. Odd, we thought. Then at Gadget Helpline HQ we discovered that everyone in the office on Three had the same problem.

We’ve spoken to Three who have confirmed that EVERYONE in the UK currently has no access to mobile data (3G), meaning you can make/receive calls and texts but you won’t be able to get online, load up Twitter, send emails etc.

The network says the problem is currently affecting ALL contract and pay as you go customers, both on mobile and mobile broadband. They’re working to fix the issue and say it should be back “within a couple of hours”, but didn’t elaborate on the cause of the problem and couldn’t give a more precise time scale for the fix.

We’ll update this post as we get news from Three.

UPDATE: Here in good old Somerset we’ve all regained 3G/HSDPA signal and can get online again. Three is putting its network back up in stages, so hold tight for when your area returns to normal. If you want to ensure you get back online as quickly as possible, try rebooting your phone every now and again.

UPDATE 2: From @ThreeUKSupport on Twitter: “We’re happy to say internet access in London is up & running & the whole network should be back to normal this afternoon.”