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T-Mobile apologise over billing blunder – 700,000 customers overcharged

If you’re a T-mobile customer you may want to double-check your most recent bills to the UK network – after it was found that the company has over-charged a number of its phone faithful.

The confession came from T-Mobile itself, who have issued a “wholehearted” apology to the 4% of mobile-users affected by the billing blunder. Now, that may not look much as a percentage but putting a number to it equates to an estimated 700,000 T-Mobile customers affected and quite likely to be unaware of the significant overcharge.

The unexpected charge came about when a T-Mobile system error with the voice mail service meant that users were being subject to a call forwarding fee when checking their messages. But eager to sort the mess out T-Mobile have spoken out, claiming the problem will be fixed and they will be rolling out the refunds automatically ASAP.

As a T-Mobile customer you may not have even noticed the payment mistake (who really checks all their bills?) but we advise mobile users who think they may be affected to keep an eye out for anything strange happening on recent payment documents!

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