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Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Nexus Accessories

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In this article, we’ll be looking at five top-notch accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Let’s get right into it!

5. SGP Oleophobic Screen Protector

One of the most essential upgrades for any mobile phone is a screen protector – particularly when you don’t have that extra Gorilla Glass protection, the screen can be one of the most vulnerable parts of a handset. This Samsung Galaxy Nexus screen protector from SGP is a good because as well as protecting against scratches, it’s also fitted with a coating that protects against fingerprints.

4. GripMount Case Compatible Car Pack

Most car holders on the market that are built for a specific phones tend to be so tightly fitted that you’ll need to take the case off in order to use it. This can be a bit annoying, so it can be a good idea to go for this GripMount Samsung Galaxy Nexus car holder. It has a flexible membrane that’ll hold the Nexus in place with or without a case. The Car Pack also includes a car charger, which is also quite handy.

3. Seidio Innocell Extended Life Battery

While the Galaxy Nexus has decent battery life, if you find that you often run out of power towards the end of the day then an extended battery can be a great decision – you can get a substantially larger battery with only a few extra millimetres of width added to the size of your phone. This extended battery from Seidio gives you 3000 mAh instead of 1650, almost doubling your battery life and ensuring you’ll be able to get a full day’s use without having to turn down your brightness or disabling features like GPS, wireless or Bluetooth.

2. Zenus Prestige Vintage Leather Bar

We normally favour cases that are made of silicone or polycarbonate plastics, but this time around we’re definitely big fans of this leather case from Zenus. Called the Prestige Vintage Leather Bar, this eye-catching phone seems to have a good mix of style and affordability. The leather shell protects the back and corners of the phone, covering up the rear cover that seems to a perennial weakness of Samsung flagships.

1. Samsung Desktop HDMI Dock

This interesting  dock combines a number of different functions. As well as allowing you to connect your phone to a monitor or TV for playing games or watching videos, the dock also connects to a PC or wall socket via USB. This means you can keep your phone charged whilst it’s connected via HDMI, something that wouldn’t be possible with a traditional HDMI out cable. The dock also makes it easy to view incoming notifications, saving you from picking up and unlocking your phone every few minutes to figure out what that beep was.


So that’s it – five excellent Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories. We would definitely recommend picking up at least the screen protector and case to keep your phone safe, and the others as necessary. Definitely let us know what you think of the choices – we’re curious to hear what your top five are!

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