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Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

Today we’re looking at five of the coolest accessories available for the Samsung Galaxy S4, which go beyond the usual fare in adding unparalleled functionality to your phone. Let’s get right into it – the top 5 Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories!

5. Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover and Screen Protector

This pack contains a genuine S View cover, which is perhaps the best Galaxy S4 case on the market, as well as a screen protector. With both of these installed, you’ll have an excellent barrier against all kinds of damage without adding significant bulk to your phone. The S View Cover features a cut-out window that allows you to view vital information from your phone’s screen at a glance, including messages, missed calls and the time and date.

4. Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Dock

This clever Samsung-made smart dock allows for an unparalleled level of connectivity for the Galaxy S4. Simply dock your phone in the dock, and you’ll be able to plug in these things:

  • HDMI for connection to a monitor, TV or projector.
  • 3.5mm stereo jack for connection to speakers
  • 3 USB ports for connecting mice, keyboards and USB drives
  • Micro USB for charging and syncing to connected PCs

As you can see it’s a veritable smorgasbord of connections that encompass basically everything you’d ever want to connect to your Galaxy S4 with a wire, as well as acting like a normal Galaxy S4 charger and desk stand. Not bad!

3. RoadWarrior Car Holder Charger and FM Transmitter

This is definitely one of the most capable Galaxy S4 accessories we’ve ever spotted, bringing three in-car essentials into play: a car holder that’ll keep the Galaxy S4 easily visible, a car charger that’ll keep it topped up, and an FM transmitter that connects your Galaxy S4’s audio output to your car stereo. Everything works as advertised for a compelling all-in-one solution.

2. Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit

One of the biggest advantages of the Galaxy S4 compared to its rivals is that it’s got a removable rear cover, allowing full access to the SIM card, micro SD card slot and battery. It’s this last item whose access is prized the most, as it allows for accessories like this – a pack containing a spare battery and a charger for that spare battery, allowing you to cheaply and efficiently double your battery life.

1. Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Game Pad

This is probably the coolest item on the list, but sadly it won’t be available until July. Still though, it’s worth pointing out so you remember that it exists! It’s an Xbox 360 style controller for the Galaxy S4 that is designed to ensconce the phone completely, with buttons below and a grip above. The phone connects via Bluetooth automatically when the phone is inserted into the pad, thanks to an NFC link. While the Game Pad is a bit flatter than the Xbox 360 controller it resembles, it includes all of the same buttons and should make for a convincing mobile gaming experience.


We hope you find these selections useful for your shiny new Galaxy S4! Be sure to let us know if you have any Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory questions in the comments below.