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Just How Tough is the Sony Xperia Go?

Sony’s new Xperia Go is a little different to the other members of the range in that it’s billed as a pretty tough little gadget. Whereas the iPhones and Galaxy SIIIs of this world are prone to smashing or water damage, the Xperia Go can be dunked underwater and much more without breaking a sweat.

While it’s not advertised as a ‘rugged’ smartphone, it has IP67 certification which makes it one tough cookie. German website Einfach A1 decided to push the phone to its limits to see just how hard it really is, pitting it against water, sand, solid ground, and even a car.

Now, our German is a little (read: extremely) rusty, and as such we can’t really tell you what the two chaps in the video are saying – ‘Alles Gut!’ being exclaimed after retrieving the phone from a test to find it working seems to be all we recognise.

The Xperia Go undergoes some brutal tests including going for a swim, being used as a skimming stone, being buried under sand and water, being thrown down steps, and finally being driven over by a car. Scratch resistant glass protects the 3.5-inch display, while waterproofing prevents the contents of a swimming pool entering the phone through the headphones and micro USB ports, rendering the insides useless.

Despite being strapped to a football and booted around, hurled through the air and driven over, the phone survives. It even becomes part of the filling for an Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the operating system of choice for the phone.

While the video shows off impressive waterproof capabilities, remember that if you’re going to try this on your own Xperia Go, it’s only waterproof down to 1 metre, and for a total of 30 minutes – don’t go dropping it in the deep end!

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Via: PhoneArena