Twitter Adds Basque, Czech and Greek Languages

Twitter has announced a further three languages to its Twitter Translation tool that is set to open up the twitterverse to a whole new host of people across the globe, with the introduction of Basque, Czech and Greek Languages.

In May Twitter launched their Translation Centre with six languages (Catalan, Afrikaans, Ukrainian, Greek, Czech and Basque) to be added to the languages list to open the service to new users. Well today three of those have now gone live on the site.

Twitter have been working with some of its volunteers to provide the language skills they need to accommodate some of the vocabs and colloquialisms for the languages.

What this now means is that a trip to the settings to enable the Translate option will give you tweets in your chosen language, no matter which of the 28 supported languages they were originally posted in.

Twitter has stated: “We’d like to thank you, our dedicated translators, who made this launch happen by requesting and supporting Twitter in your language. You are the ones who help us get closer to making Twitter available around the world.”

Twitter are still working towards more languages to become fully Multi Lingual and are looking for suggestions from users as to what comes next. If you would like to put a language forward, please submit your interest to translate at

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