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Twitter App for Windows Phone Updated – New Tabs, Live Tiles, Tweet and Search Icons

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The Twitter app for Windows Phone has received an update bringing a number of tweaks and the overall appearance more into sync with the social software on other mobile operating systems.

Comparing the redesigned Twitter app for Microsoft mobiles with the current versions for Android and Apple iOS will show you the close resemblance of the user interface which is now present across the board. The introduction of four tabs: Home, Contact, Discover and Me will be familiar to users of the rival platforms and are a most welcome addition, offering ease of navigation which was somewhat lacking in the earlier versions available for smartphones such as those in the Nokia Lumia range.

The Home tab will allow tweeters to view the main Twitter feed with all the recent posts from the accounts they follow and expand to read in full, view photos or watch videos – right there in the feed.

Connect brings up recent interactions and mentions from followers and friends who have retweeted you or are trying to get your attention.

Discover lets users see current trends and offers recommendations on who you might like to follow on Twitter. Finally, Me is all about you! See direct messages and update your profile through this tab.

As well as the most noteworthy addition of these four tabs, search and Tweet icons are new and tweeters can now perform these tasks quickly and easy at the touch of a button. Microsoft’s Live Tiles feature allows you to pin favourite accounts to your home screen and view their latest tweets in real time.

Windows Phone users can download or update the Twitter experience today through the Marketplace.