Twitter Persue the Purchasing of SoundCloud

Twitter has announced its interest in purchasing the music sharing service SoundCloud. The companies are currently in talks on the acquisition.

SoundCloud is an online service where anyone from unknown individuals, to well-known artists can upload and share the fruits of their labour, musically speaking. Listeners can then add comments and “like” the clips they hear.

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Twitters investors are worried that the company isn’t growing fast enough after its stock has fallen in recent months; so the gaining of SoundCloud will be a valuable one.

Although it doesn’t seem like a directly obvious pairing, Twitter did attempt to release its own #Music app, which as you’ve probably guessed, was unsuccessful. They have always been interested in getting into the music sector so it isn’t that crazy in the grand scheme of things.

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SoundCloud apparently has 250 million users across the globe; all of these users could be prime targets for Twitters growth. Twitter can use this to their advantage by prompting them to get a Twitter account to promote their music to the masses.

If Twitter does go ahead with the plans to purchase SoundCloud, it would their most expensive venture yet, but what they could gain from it would be priceless.