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Twitter’s 100 million users: The Stats

It’s official, 100 million users reside within the tweeting flock that is Twitter – that’s a billion active user accounts, if your billion is that 100-million one. The tweeters are aggregated from, Twitter apps and even third party apps.

To celebrate, Twitter has released a large pile of stats relating to its service, revealing intimate facts about daily life for the service, such as the revelation that those 100 million tweeters average around 230 million tweets every day, meaning a maximum of 322^8 or 32200000000 characters Tweeted every day.

On top of this, 400 million unique users per month access – a 70% increase in unique users from this time last year. App fans would be glad to know that 55% of the 100 million active users use Twitter from a mobile device.

Twitter is confident that their service will attract an additional 26 million users by next January, and ehilst this is a minor scratch on social network competitor Facebook’s 750 million active users, it’s a good sign of an increasing Twitter user base, as opposed to Facebook’s flat, and sometimes falling, one.

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