Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs will be out on all consoles by Christmas 2013

Watch Dogs, the jaw-dropping game from Ubisoft that we saw for the first time at E3 last year, will be in shops and available to buy for all consoles by Christmas 2013.

French game developer Ubisoft showed off the game at the annual E3 gaming show last year and wowed pretty much everyone with completely unique game. It wouldn’t confirm which consoles the game would launch on, nor when – although we did spot the demo being played on a PS3 at the time.

Now Kotaku has gotten its hands on what looks like a promotional poster for the game, which clearly states “available on all home consoles”. Now, by the time the game launches around “holiday 2013” as stated on the poster, Sony’s PS4 could well be one of those home consoles, and that makes us excited.

The poster seems to advertise pre-orders for the game, with exclusive content promised for those who lay down cold, hard cash ahead of the release.

Ubisoft previously confirmed that the title would come to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and now with Sony rumoured to be launching the PlayStation 4 in November this “truly next-gen title” looks set to be a launch title for the two next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

Speaking of next-gen and all home consoles, we should also be seeing Watch Dogs on the Wii U. With all the gadgetry and telekinesis going on in the game we can see the Wii U version being tons of fun thanks to that touchscreen GamePad.

Stay tuned tonight for news from the Sony PlayStation event, which kicks off at 23:00 GMT.