UEFA Euro 2012 Game to be Downloadable Add-On to FIFA 2012

EA Sports has detailed its plans for a game to coincide with this year’s Euro 2012 football tournament, and surprisingly, for the first time, the game will not be launched as a separate title.

For years fans of EA’s football games have groaned when the company has launched a Euro or World Cup game that is almost identical to the FIFA title the company just released, having to shell out another £40 or so to enjoy the magic of the tournament on their consoles. EA seems to have finally perked up and listened, and this year the UEFA Euro 2012 game will be a downloadable add-on to FIFA 12, costing around £15.99.

The download will be available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC gamers who already own EA’s fantastic FIFA 12 title. PS3 gamers will be able to buy the game outright at the aforementioned price, while it will cost 1800 Microsoft Points for Xbox gamers and 2500 FIFA points for those on PC.

UEFA Euro 2012 will bring the tournament experience to the existing FIFA game, with all 53 participating teams and the eight stadiums from host countries Poland and Ukraine all included.

EA says it will synchronise the live events from the tournament itself with the game, bringing new daily challenges to the title. Personally I can’t wait for the “Stop England dropping out in the Group Stages” challenge.

Expedition Mode is a new feature that allows the gamer to create their own team from scratch, using either a player from the tournament or their own Virtual Pro player as the team captain. The idea behind this mode is to compete against other European teams and win matches to gain better players from the teams you beat. Once you’ve got a team to be proud of you can take on the tournament to see if you can win the coveted trophy.

In the real world, the EUFA Euro 2012 competition starts on June 8th, so expect the game to launch just before then.

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Via: EA Sports