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UK Motorola Xooms to Get Android 3.2 Honeycomb in September?

UK customers with Motorola’s flagship tablet device the Motorola Xoom (also the flagship Google Honeycomb tablet) should be a little happier as the Android running Xoom will play catch-up with our US cousins by getting the latest 3.2 Honeycomb update.

The US has had the latest version of the tablet-specific operating system for a few weeks now and there has been no news on when UK customers would get the 3.2 update, but now Motorola has announced that the Honeycomb update will be hitting our Moto Xoom’s in September.

The 3.2 update will bring across the ability to perform SD card swapping which will enable file transfers easily via an additional tab in Android file transfer which allows you to select the SD card specifically.

The update will also bring along the App Zoom feature which will allow for non-tablet native applications to be zoomed in to fit the display of the much larger screened device.

With Google this week purchasing Motorola outright it would appear that the Motorola ranges old and new will be getting a more speedy approach to the Android OS with its now parent company pushing the buttons.