UK Network Three to Take a Piece of Everything Everywhere’s 4G Action?

The combined force of Orange and T-Mobile under parent company Everything Everywhere have just snapped up the rights to be the first networks to deliver a super-fast 4G connection and are expected to do so from September 11th. This date is believed to around the same time as Apple’s new iPhone 5 reveal which would come supporting 4G and would essentially become an Orange and T-Mobile exclusive with no other network capable of providing an adequate mobile data service. However, this may no longer be true..

Everything Everywhere’s appeal with OFCOM to become the one and only company to have exclusive rights to the 4G spectrum first and foremost raised the ire of other rival networks including Vodafone, O2 and Three – and it’s now being reported by the Financial Times and a number of online sources that the team-up (by order of European authorities) will now need to sell part of their lucrative acquisition to the latter of that trio.

After Orange and T-Mobile’s parent grabbed the valuable 1,800MHz bandwidth allocation which would allow the two networks a head start and selling speedy mobile internet packages to their customers months earlier the rest of the allowance was set to be divided between other networks from the start of 2013. But it seems this may happen sooner than expected with Everything Everywhere’s shares becoming much smaller than they once boasted with Three believed to be now taking a piece of that fast moving action.

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