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UKMortgages: Mobile users finding it easier to use a free app to find homes

These days it’s much easier to see which houses are on the market, thanks to the internet and our gadgets and gizmos. Rather than traipsing down to the estate agents to look in the window you can now see what’s on the market from just about anywhere, and UKMortgages is an app that does just that.

It’s a free app that’s available to iPhone, iPad and Android device users, downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively, and it’s becoming extremely popular. People are taking to their phones and tablets to browse the UK market for properties more and more, with this app alone catering for over 81,000 searches in the past six months.

UKMortgages allows the user to scour the market for properties, contact brokers and even use a unique mortgage calculator. The features combine to provide a really useful tool that allows would-be home buyers to really narrow down what they’re looking for and then figure out whether they can afford it using the calculator.

Once you’ve settled on a place and you want to enquire, the app’s Find a Broker feature allows you to get in touch with a qualified UK mortgage expert to ask about the property and the cost of your mortgage. Thanks to a GPS chip inside the device you’ll be using the app on, UKMortgages can list mortgage brokers in your immediate area to help you get started, which is a nice touch.

UKMortgages was created by AppDevelopersUK for iPhone, iPad and Android. It has currently been downloaded over 32,000 times. If you’re looking to get a mortgage and a place to live, why not check it out!